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Global Ministries welcomes churches to consider prayerfully the idea of taking a journey to meet our partners in person. A mission pilgrimage is a transforming experience through which participants share themselves and receive God's love in a new way. Participants take common steps of faith in walking with our partners, sharing their joys, understanding their challenges and experiencing their unique connection to our wider church.

It is through the People-to-People program, that your local church can connect with our partners and share with them their work and witness. Through the Global Ministries People-to-People Pilgrimage Program, your church can:

  • explore the various possibilities that would best match the gifts of the group
  • enable groups to draw on the expertise and guidance of our area offices
  • initiate communication with our international partners in coordinating your pilgrimage experience
  • provide reflection and orientation materials to help your group prepare for the cross-cultural experience
  • facilitate group networking with other congregations, regions, and conferences who have undertaken similar pilgrimages.

In mutuality, we will walk humbly toward the future of God's work by walking together sharing our lives, hopes, struggles and faith.

 We have made the decision to walk with our partners! Now...what do we do?

The People-to-People Pilgrimage Program is a service to make your pilgrimage a true opportunity to share in a journey with our partners. Following are a few of the initial steps that can help move your pilgrimage forward:

  • Have a brainstorming session on the goals for your pilgrimage. Talk about what you are hoping to give and what you are hoping to receive.
  • Make a tentative decision about possible dates of travel as well as the region or country of interest. Identify at least two or three options for both travel dates and destination; the practicality of these options will eventually be explored cooperatively with our partners.
  • Keep in mind that 8-10 is the ideal group size. Because our international partners know best how many people they can accommodate graciously without over stretching their resources and energy, they will share with you the maximum number of pilgrims invited to participate.
  • Select a group contact person who will begin exploring the possibilities with the our program coordinator.
  • Share your plans with both your congregation and your conference or region. Use it as an opportunity to include others who may not be able to travel but can share the experience by supporting the pilgrimage with prayer, support and education.

Tell us your story! It's a joy to learn of the connections that you have nurtured in mission. If you have already planned a pilgrimage through another agency, you are invited to contact us  and share highlights of your pilgrimage. If you have not yet traveled, consider visiting a missionary or a Global Ministries partner in the country to which you are traveling.

Contact us today to begin a journey of walking in hope together in God’s mission.

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