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Samaritan Care Centre Patient Profile: Mr. Spondo - Samaritan Care Centre, South Africa

April 25, 2008

Mr. Spondo is a man in his 70s. He is HIV positive and has active tuberculosis. He completed a 90 plus day treatment in a TB hospital. He is an out patient of the Samaritan Care Centre. Mr. Spondo is a tall, handsome man who carries himself with honour and respect. His home language is Xhosa but he also speaks English well. He has a great family who loves him and supports him. He is the type of man that when you meet him it is as if you have known him forever. At the Centre we call him "Daddy" or "Tata" (meaning man in Xhosa). He was very sick when first coming as an inpatient to the centre…on his death bed actually. He says that Ma RoRo (Rosemary, who is the coordinator at the centre) has raised him from the dead not once, but twice! And now, we proudly visit him in his brother's home where he is active and carrying on in his daily activities as an older Xhosa man.

Story from Global Ministries Missionary Dawn Barnes
March 2008

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