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Samaritan Care Centre Patient Profile: Rennie and Shirley - Samaritan Care Centre, South Africa

April 25, 2008

Rennie and Shirley are sisters. They live together along with their mother, boyfriends, cousins and children in a two-story flat. Their place is dirty with old furniture that is barely usable. The children are always clothed very poorly and their faces covered in dirt when we visit. Usually there is no food in the house but there is alcohol. Rennie and Shirley are both HIV positive. They are both unemployed aside from the occasional cleaning job they may obtain once a month or so. They are not on any medications at the moment. We try to assist them with grants for themselves and for the children. We bring fresh vegetables, milk, or hygiene items when the Centre receives such donations. The ladies are grateful for the Centre's help and assistance. When we visit, we see their smiles and their hope. For a few short minutes Rennie and Shirley receive Christ's love.

Story from Global Ministries missionary Dawn Barnes
March 2008

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