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(Updated) Global Ministries joins in letter to US Senate discouraging new Iran sanctions

Written by Peter Makari
January 15, 2014

Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ has joined more than 60 other churches, faith-based organizations, and other agencies in sending a letter to the United States Senate opposing new sanctions on Iran.  The letter, which was sent this morning, "warn[s] that Senate passage of new Iran sanctions would critically endanger the possibility of a diplomatic resolution to the nuclear standoff with Iran, increasing the likelihood of a nucleararmed Iran and an unnecessary and costly war."  Solidly favoring permitting negotiations and processes already outlined to move forward, the letter continues, "By foreclosing diplomatic prospects, new sanctions would set us on a path to war. The American people have made it clear that they do not want another war in the Middle East and strongly support pursuing diplomatic prospects until they are exhausted. It would be the height of irresponsibility to step in and undercut diplomatic negotiations before this opportunity has the chance to bear fruit."

In November, Global Ministries welcomed the negotiated process in a statement that described the agreement as "an important and positive step toward reducing tensions in western Asia."  It went on to say that, "This positive diplomatic outcome reinforces our conviction that, to make peace and address conflict, direct engagement is essential."

Click here to read the coalition's letter to the Senate.

UPDATE (Jan. 15, 2014): The letter has been covered in this article in the New York Times and in this blogpost on the Washington Post (scroll down to second item).

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