World Water Day - March 22

March 22 is World Water Day


Over 1 billion people in the world lack sustainable access to fresh water. Global Ministries is raising awareness about the critical needs for fresh and accessible water around the world through the Water for All! campaign. Water is a vital ingredient for life. It is a gift from God for all creation and should be viewed as such a gift, not a commodity for profitable gain. As responsible stewards of God's gifts, we need to help protect the gift of water by going beyond verbal expressions of concern -- we must act. We invite you to learn why water is a critical issue for study and action.



Troubled Waters Film
UCC documentary on Water, produced in partnership with Global Ministries


Water for All: Worship Resources
Water for All: Hymn Suggestions
Living Water sermon
Seven Weeks for Water 2017
(World Council of Churches)
New Day for Christians: Thirsty, Hungry, Filled bible study  
United Nations Water for Life booklet (PDF)
UN-Water Brochure: Sanitation: a wise investment for health, dignity, and development
World Council of Churches' Ecumenical Water Network      


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