Your Global Ministries Update: December 1, 2010

Prayer for Sunday December 5, 2010: South Africa

Videos of the Week:
Emily Christmas - Theological Education by Extension College in South Africa
Carla Giger Makilima - Bridgman Centre in South Africa

How are you remembering World AIDS Day today?

25 days until Christmas!

Journey through Advent with Churches for Middle East Peace

Attention Youth!
A youth group from the French Reformed Church is looking for a Disciples or UCC youth group who would be interested in developing an exchange project… they would come to the US and then your youth group would go to France! If you want to know more, contact Bob Shebeck

GM Council of Theological Students Update Blog

Are you registered for the Border Conference?

Scott Couper, GM Missionary to South Africa Publishes a Book on Albert Luthuli:

CBS-TV to highlight Haiti work of Global Ministries Partner, Church World Service, in Dec. 5 special:

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Monthly Mission Bulletin Story:
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Upcoming Ministries and Mission Interpreters (MMI) Training Events:
- January 15, 2011: Florida Disciples and UCC Hearts United Globally Global Mission Summit:
- May 7, 2011: Arizona Disciples Global Mission Summit: Save the date and more info will be coming!
- May 21, 2011: Oregon Region Global Mission Event: Save the date and more info will be coming!

Find a Missionary Visit in your State:

TN: December 3-5, 2010 Zoltan Szucs (Hungary) Contact: Barbara Everett

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