Your Global Ministries Update: October 20, 2010

Prayer for Sunday October 24, 2010: Turkey

Videos of the Week: Resource Wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo 

Today is the Cell Out for Congo!

Join by turning off your cell phone from 12:00-1:00pm! Find out more at:

Know that the Disciples in Mbandaka, DRC are organizing an event today. Let us know you’re joining with them in the cell out!

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Disciples travel to Congo to help with radio project. To follow the itinerary and travel blog of one of the participants, click here:

Disciples Women travel to Turkey to visit partners and mission personnel. To follow their itinerary, click here:

The global community is rejoicing in the safe rescue of the Chilean miners. To read a spiritual reflection inspired from their journey by Rev. Dr. Beverly Prestwood-Taylor, click here:

Churches for Middle East Peace encourages letter writing to the editor of your local paper calling on your members of Congress to support the peace process in the Middle East. To take action, click here:

GM missionary, Maryjane Westra, shares a reflection about time. To read her reflection, click here:

Monthly Mission Bulletin Story:
- October 2010: text only or pdf or español
- November 2010: text only or pdf or español

Upcoming Ministries and Mission Interpreters (MMI) Training Events:

- January 14 & 15, 2011: Florida Disciples and UCC Mission Summit/MMI training event: Save the date and more info will be coming!
- May 7, 2011: Arizona Disciples Global Mission Summit: Save the date and more info will be coming!

Find a Missionary Visit in your State:

CA(north): October 1 – November 30, 2010 Buddy Martinez (Thailand) Contact:
NC: October 1-31 (not including 7-11), 2010, Dawn and Jon Barnes (South Africa) Contact: Vertie Powers
CT: October 11-31, 2010 Doreen and Michael McFarlane (China) Contact: Cecile Gilson
OK: October 12-29, 2010 Erin McKinney (Dominican Republic) Contact: Tom Jewell
NE: November 8-30, 2010 Doreen and Michael McFarlane (China) Contact: Ken Moore
TN: December 3-5, 2010 Zoltan Szucs (Hungary) Contact: Barbara Everett

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