Your Global Ministries Update: February 4, 2011

Prayer & Mission Moment for Sunday, February 6: South Africa -- Kristine Tisinger

Videos on South Africa:
Kristine Tisinger - TEEC
Dawn & Jon Barnes - UCCSA

Carla Giger Makalima - Bridgman CentreEmily Christmas - TEEC
Susan Valiquette - Inanda Seminary

Has your congregation filled out the Global Mission Church covenant?

Summer Internships for Disciples Seminarians:

Register for Ecumenical Advocacy Days: March 25-28, 2011

Join in a call to prayer for Egypt from the Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches:

Follow the blog of the In the Footsteps of Jesus alternative tour participants:

Sharon Watkins and Geoffrey Black travel to India to visit partners:

Good News from Peru about Lori Berenson:

Sandra Gourdet and Phyllis Hallman visit International Sisters and Partners in Africa:

GM Missionary, Alison Stendahl, shares a reflection on peace:

Special Giving Opportunities:

Monthly Mission Bulletin Story:                                          
- February 2011:  text only or pdf or español

Upcoming Ministries and Mission Interpreters (MMI) Training Events:

- March 12, 2011: MMI training at First Christian Church, Fort Smith, Arkansas:
- May 7, 2011: Arizona Global Mission Summit: Save the date and more info will be coming!
- May 21, 2011: Oregon Region Global Mission Event: Save the date and more info will be coming!

Find a Missionary Visit in your State:

KS: March 11-14, 2011 Ryan Beck Turner (India) Contact: Steve Martin
PA: March 19-20, 2011 Ryan Beck Turner (India) Contact: Suzanne Spaulding
OH: April 3, 2011 Ryan Beck Turner (India) Contact: Joanne Hatchel
MD: May 23 – June 30, 2011 Michael Joseph (Colombia) Contact: Arnetta Jones
AL: August 5 -15, 2011 Elena Huegel (Chile) Contact: John Mobley
OH: August 17-21 & September 9-25, 2011 Elena Huegel (Chile) Contact: Bill Edwards
CT: August 14-September 30, 2011 Michael Joseph (Colombia) Contact: Cecile Gilson
IN-KY: October 1-9 and 15-31 Elena Huegel (Chile) Contact: John Krueger

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