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UCC Global Mission Conferences

Many UCC Conferences are on the journey of Being a Global Mission Conference. As your Conference completes the Action Plan and Commitment form, please return it to Tracy Carnes at so that Global Ministries can recognize and celebrate your Conference with a certificate.

 Be a Global Mission Church UCC General Synod Resolution 2009
Global Church Partnership Handbook  [PDF]
 Covenant Statement for Conferences/Regions [PDF]

UCC Conferences that have voted to Be a Global Mission Conference:

 Connecticut  October 2011
 Florida  May 2011
 Illinois  June 2011
 Nebraska    June 2010
 New Hampshire  October 2011
 New York    June 2010
 Pennsylvania West  June 2009
 Rhode Island  November 2011
 Southeast  June 2011
 Southwest  July 2010

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