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But seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness;........

September 29, 2011

and all these things shall be added to you.”

-          Matthew 6:33

Ramotswa UCCSA Congregational has been engaged in the building of a new church structure for a long time. To be exact, it’s been more than 5 years since it began work on the foundation.  In the 2 years that I have been serving as pastor, there were countless times we thought that completion of the project was just around the corner. However, each time we came close to realizing that goal, a new obstacle would appear in front of us- a lack of money, no contractor, receiving the necessary approvals from government, finding the right materials. Yes, the obstacles became so many, that we even began to wonder whether it was God’s will.  Life is like that, isn’t it?  No matter how hard we try to get ahead in this life; to do the right thing or draw closer to God- seemingly insurmountable obstacles come our way. 

This congregation is testimony that seeking the Kingdom of God is never be about fretting about what we have, don’t have or should have. Nor does it involve any kind of magic formula for success; no sure-fire methods for church growth; no particular style of worship; no special age bracket to be emphasized.  The congregation has grown over the last couple of years, based on an ethos of “attempting to be faithful and allowing God to transform our lives in whatever way God pleases.”  “… seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.”

I am happy to report that the roofing of the new church structure is scheduled to be completed by the last Sunday of October, which is also the day of their annual Thobo (Thanksgiving) celebration. In the midst of that thanksgiving- a number of projects remain to be realized- flooring, windows and doors.

Last Sunday, the children of the church hosted the worship service. Seventeen youngsters along with their Church School teacher lifted our spirits with prayer, music and a challenging group sermon. This was all carried out in our current place of worship- a small structure measuring 10ft by 20 ft.; with buckets of nails, hammers and roofing sheets scattered throughout. We had reason to give thanks to God! 

Ramotswa UCCSA continues to have a strong commitment to social outreach- HIV & AIDS, clothing drives, economic empowerment; visiting the sick and actively receiving all who enter the church’s premises with hospitality.

At Kgolagano College of Theological Education, students of all age brackets are engaged in a variety of theological educational programs- from certificate to bachelor degree. Because the majority of them are self-supporting (receiving no scholarships from government nor denominations), they persevere in their hope of serving God and the Church; and despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles placed in their way. Please keep these students in your prayers.

We are appreciative of the many people who have shared in this project wherever they may be. It is always nice to be remembered and to know that you don’t stand alone as you face life’s challenges. Praise God.

God bless,

Jim and Jayanthi Wilson


James & Jayanthi Wilson are missionaries with the Kgolagano Theological College in Gaborone, Botswana.  Jim serves as an instructor at Kgolagano Theological College.  Jayanthi is seconded to the Botswana Synod and assigned to Kgolagano Theological College.  She serves as librarian at Kgolagano College and will continue to work with the Sedibeng Centre. 

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