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Circumstances of Life

March 26, 2014

The local newspaper reported that the top student in the class of 2013 at Inanda Seminary battled cancer and an appendectomy.   It reads,

“Three weeks before her exams Inanda Seminary top dux (Valedictorian), told her principal that she was thankful to God for giving her two kidneys.”  She said this on her way to the hospital to have one kidney removed.  The cancer was spotted on her liver during an operation to remove her appendix.

Despite two major surgeries, she was still top in her class and finished the State exam with A's in all seven subjects.  She will continue her education at the University of Cape Town in medicine.

Students at Inanda Seminary are not only given an amazing opportunity for an excellent education, but they are also equipped with tools as the school motto states to ‘shine where you are.’

We are not able to change the circumstances that we face in life, but we are able to change how we deal and cope with them.  For 145 years, Inanda Seminary has been educating black females in South Africa and equipping them with the tools to shine in any circumstance.  Inanda Seminary strives to instill the core values of honesty, respect, loyalty, self-discipline, sociability and responsibility for each of its students and to create a learning environment that is holistic in nature.  While students will certainly have the opportunity for a great education, they will also develop physically in sports, socially with peers and spiritually with God.

The school also provides opportunities for the students to be involved in the local community in social development. Social Development has become an important part of the life of our school. The SMILE program includes two schools: Hilda Makhanya and Bonisanani.  SMILE is led by the grade 11s who improve the oral English skills of grade 5s at neighboring government schools through small group activities.

All the Grade 12’s have an opportunity to assist in the early morning at the Wenzokuhle soup kitchen preparing and distributing breakfast and preparing sandwiches for the local children to take with them to school.

Each month the grade 10s are present for pension days at Abalindi Welfare Society to distribute juice, cakes and fruit as the elderly wait hours to receive their social grants.

Inanda Seminary has formed new relationships with Igamelihle children’s home and Sizokhula Child Care and Support Centre.  Igamelihle cares for 10 orphaned children, but at times houses more when a temporary foster home is needed.  Sizokhula provides an after school program for 180 children in the area.  A retired teacher in the community saw the need and gathered an additional 14 volunteers who assist on a daily basis.  She provides food for the children, after school activities, homework club and support for those who infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Through the social development activities, the students have learned that money is not the only thing they can give.  More than anything, they learned that getting involved and meeting a need is the best way to give.

Rev. Scott Couper serves with the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) as a Development Manager of the Inanda Seminary.  Rev. Susan Valiquette serves with Inanda Seminary, Durban, South Africa as the chaplain.

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