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Connecting the Dots Toward Wholeness - Isaiah 40:3-5

February 15, 2011

In South Africa, the press reports daily upon the greed and corruption of the country’s leaders.  Their conspicuous consumption prevents the delivery of basic services such as water, housing, electricity, education and health care to the poor. 

In response, the government is legislating restrictions on the press to prevent it from exposing problems, missed targets, corruption and incompetence.  An attack on press freedom is an attack on the poor as leaders can’t be held to account.  South Africa’s income disparity is arguably the world’s widest. 

Your Disciples’ 2011 Easter Offering affirms our partner in faith, Rev. Dr. Prince Dibeela, General Secretary of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa, as he decries South Africa’s inequality to be “incredible and unethical”. 

Gracious God, as people of faith, help us to intellectually and spiritually ‘connect the dots’.  Inspire us to make a fragmented world whole.  Remind us that materialism leads to corruption.  Remind us that corruption leads to oppression.  As we humble ourselves during Lent, denying ourselves a privilege or luxury, we do so mindful that the powerful deny many millions basic needs: clean water, heath care, food and education.  We cry with Isaiah (40:4): Lower the mountains!  Raise the valleys!  Amen.

Scott Couper, a member of First Congregational Church, Winter Park, Florida, serves with the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA). He assists the Inanda Seminary in strategic planning and serves as a management consultant. His wife, Susan, works as the school chaplain and a class instructor.

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