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“Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God.” -Revelation 3:12

June 14, 2011

Although the roofing of our new church structure at Ramotswa UCCSA Congregational was supposed to begin in December 2010, work only began at the beginning of this month (June).  Up to this point, we were made to deal with countless issues – inflation and rising material costs; locating a  contractor, securing the required building supplies, while simultaneously involving all the stakeholders of this parish – the finance and building committees, the church council as well as the congregation as a whole. It has been a long journey.

The building of the foundation and the walls took a total of four years. Now, while in the midst of this last phase, it is also proving to be more involved and lengthy than originally planned for. Nonetheless, in the midst of such challenges, we are encouraged by those words from the Book of Revelation, i.e. “him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God.” Yes, both hardships and challenging situations can help us to grow in Christ and to be better witnesses to the community at large. That is to say, God can help us to overcome whatever barrier we are made to face as Church.

Sometime ago on a particular Sunday morning,  I was reminded of  how being made to face certain  difficulties can sometimes help us to strengthen our faith, bring us closer to God and make us a  better witness to others. As the worship service was nearing its conclusion, two member of the church entered through the front entrance and apologized for having arrived so late. They then shared with us how their car had stalled and then refused to start in the bush (a rural setting with rocky terrain and no roads). Not wanting to miss church, they walked several kilometers to attend the service. The congregation, upon hearing their plight, collectively decided to walk to the site of where the car was. After discussing amongst themselves as to what they might do, they decided to jump start it by giving it a push after the service.  Under normal circumstances such an event wouldn’t have warranted our attention nor would it be seen as a miracle. However, on that day everyone came together (both young children and the elderly), pushing and shoving the vehicle concerned in the bush until it started.  In any circumstances, Christ Jesus can make all things possible for he or she who believes.

Jayanthi is again working at the Koglagano College of Theological Education library, helping them to organize the library. One of things called for in being a missionary, is the need to be flexible in carrying out the mission of the church. That is to say, it is not our plan, but the plan of the Church here in Botswana.  During this semester I have been teaching four classes – two in Old Testament and two in Academic Literacy in conjunction with the North - West University in Potchestroom, South Africa. It is always a pleasure to be teaching in the classroom.

Also, over the last two months the Government of Botswana has been enmeshed in a protracted labour dispute with its public sector workers, which has nearly brought this country to its knees – with accusations and counter accusations, demonstrations, union leaders arrested, closing of schools, and a disruption of essential services such as government hospitals and public health clinics. It has also impacted in other areas – such as facilitating a slowing down of the economy as a whole. Please pray for Botswana.

Jayanthi and I give thanks to the many ways that we are always uplifted and supported by churches throughout North America, through Global Ministries. God bless.

Jim and Jayanthi Wilson, Botswana


James & Jayanthi Wilson are missionaries with the Kgolagano Theological College in Gaborone, Botswana.  Jim serves as an instructor at Kgolagano Theological College.  Jayanthi is seconded to the Botswana Synod and assigned to Kgolagano Theological College.  She serves as librarian at Kgolagano College and will continue to work with the Sedibeng Centre.

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