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Missionary in Residence Thankful for Opportunities

August 26, 2013

This is my report about what I did during this summer break and my "thank yous" to all. I included everything from May to August with some pictures.  


After the Spring semester, I took an English Literature class which is part of the "General Education Requirements" here at Rollins.  The class lasted four weeks during the Maymester (Rollins summer classes). The literature class went well and I'm glad I had the opportunity to take this class during the summer because if it was during the normal semester I was going to suffer. Subjects like literature and writing are not my strongest areas and I do not really enjoy them, but I've learnt to appreciate them and I understand why we have to take them. I was able to manage and do well in the class without worrying about other courses. I also got to appreciate different parts of Winter Park a little bit more, because I don't have that much time during the semester.


After the Maymester, I went to Puerto Rico with the church for the mission trip. I got to know some of the church members better and also learnt a lot from different people and the community projects which we worked on during this trip. I loved everything while I was in Puerto Rico, from food (I ate beans everyday) to practicing my Spanish. We spent some days renovating the hospital's offices and reading books to the children that were in the hospital's children unit and other units. During our free time, we explored the rain-forest that surrounded our casa (Casa Cuboy) and we hiked a lot and swam in the waterfalls that were in the forest. We also visited several churches and I was surprised when one of the churches sang "We are Marching in the Light of God" and sang the Zulu part very well (Siyahamba Ekukhanyeni Kwenkosi). We also got to visit some of the beaches and the capital, San Juan. Overall, I had the best time with everyone, learnt, helped out and am glad I got to spend some time in Puerto Rico with nice people too.


After Puerto Rico I assisted with the Jeremiah Project at church.  I met many young and wonderful children that were having computer lessons and I even learnt new computer skills from the teacher that was in charge of the class!  


I spent 5 weeks in Argentina, but it feels like I spent much longer because my Spanish improved significantly afterwards. It helped me so much to be immersed in the culture and by living with a host family that only spoke in Spanish to me. I took three hours of Spanish every weekday and had a lot of practice daily. The class professors also organised cultural activities around the city such as Tango classes, as well as visits to museums and historical places. One of my professors spoke a little bit of Xhosa and Afrikaans because she lived in South Africa a few years ago. 

The study abroad program, Mente Argentina, organised tours, entertainment activities and looked after us. Thank you so much for supporting me and making this learning experience possible. During weekends I also visited the Deputy President (Cathedral) and President's work place (Casa Rosada) and Iguazu Falls. I loved all of these amazing places, however Iguazu was my highlight and so breath-taking. I did not forget South Africa and home while in Argentina though. I spent my Mandela Day (week) volunteering at a Soup Kitchen around the neighbourhood and kept in touch with my family too.


Now that I'm back in Florida, I've been helping with the orientation programs for the new incoming class and getting ready for the semester. On Monday, August 26th, I start with my third year and I'm only starting to believe it now that I'm studying at Rollins College. The past two years have been a wonderful learning journey.  Although I've had challenging and good times, I believe that the good times out-weigh the challenging times a thousand times more. Thank you so much for this opportunity. And I have been trying to get some rest and preparing for the fall semester. 



With school work, I will be taking upper classes and electives for my majors from now on. I'm also planning on doing a few internships, but I'm still searching for available posts here in Winter Park for the next spring semester. Outside the classroom, I enjoy helping out with community service in Florida and outside the state. I joined a student organization my freshman year called JUMP where we do a lot of fun service programs. I will be one of the student co-coordinators for the service events this year. Another exciting project that also has to do with community service is the Immersion Program that takes Rollins students to different parts of the country and world to work on a specific project, learn about the culture of that particular place and have fun too. And next Spring Break (March 2014), Rollins has given me the opportunity to be a student facilitator with other two staff facilitators to plan an Immersion Trip to the Bahamas. I'm really excited for this project and I will share all my experiences with everyone too.

Thanks you so much Sir and Mah, thanks to Inanda Seminary (please send my greetings and gratitude to Mrs Tate). Thanks to Global Ministries and FCCWP. I will send another update when something new comes up.

Lindokuhle Ngwenya


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