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Needed Prayers for Lesotho

Written by Jeff & Susan Moore
March 2, 2007

Jeff and Susan Moore - Lesotho

As we write this letter there is much cause for prayer here in Lesotho.  The Basotho continue to face the dual challenges of HIV and AIDS, and poverty.  This week, as well, Lesotho is preparing for parliamentary elections that will decide the party or coalition that will lead the government for the years to come.  We are praying that the decisions that are made this week will give the government a clear mandate for future service to the people.

Our work at Morija Theological Seminary has continued this year, with Susan teaching English and Computers, and Jeff teaching a variety of theological and HIV-related courses.  Jeff also began work last August as the HIV and AIDS Coordinator for the Lesotho Evangelical Church.  This position includes work with education, prevention, treatment, and care in the parishes and institutions of the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Lesotho and South Africa.  There are many difficult challenges, but there are also many talented and faithful people - both inside and outside the church - who are working hard to provide education, treatment, and care to those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

ImageOur children, Abbie (12), Danny (10), and Khotso (5), are busy with school and friends, and have enjoyed a very warm summer.  They are, of course, looking forward to our trip back to the United States at the end of June.  Even Khotso, for whom this will be the first trip to the U.S., says, "I miss the United States."!  Needless to say, the day will come when he and we are saying, "I miss Lesotho."

In November of 2006, Jeff organized and participated in a "Know Your Status" event at a local parish of the Lesotho Evangelical Church, our partner church in Lesotho.  The day was a great success.  Over 100 people tested for HIV and were then able to make treatment and/or prevention decisions that may add decades to their lives.  The host pastor, Rev. Mamapetla Mapetla, and the guest preacher, Rev. Malikopo Mohlatsane, both showed their clear conviction that the Gospel inspires us and empowers us to reach out with strength and love in the face of even the most seemingly devastating challenges.  We watched with joy as courageous and hopeful people waited outside the Voluntary Counseling and Testing rooms.  It was truly wonderful to see church people coming together with hope and love, and fighting both HIV and the stigma often attached to it!

ImageAs you celebrate resurrection power this Easter, pray with the members of the Lesotho Evangelical Church, and with all people in Lesotho, that we will continue to grow together in courage and strength as we live with HIV and AIDS in our midst.

Khotso ("Peace"),
Jeff and Susan Moore
Global Ministries Missionaries in Lesotho
Jeff and Susan Moore are missionaries with Morija Seminary in Lesotho.  Susan serves as a teacher of psychology and English.  Jeff serves as a teacher of theology and Biblical studies.

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