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Serving the One

Written by Scott Couper & Susan Valiquette
September 7, 2005

Although I would love to report that I have changed the economic status of those I serve, alleviated poverty, and wiped out racism, I can't.  Such a monumental task is impossible and any claim to such changes would be narcissistic.  I have grown to understand my role as a missionary at Inanda Seminary as serving the one.  I am merely a vessel of relationship, support, and presence to represent the United Church of Christ and our oneness in the body of Jesus Christ.   My primary role is to provide spiritual leadership to the school and individual pastoral care and counseling for the students and staff.  Much of my ministry is focused on the individual staff member or student that needs a listening ear.  One particular student stands out for me this year.  She and her mother have the bleakest story of incest and sexual abuse.  God has opened a door in their lives for healing and recovery.  To be present and serving the one is a reminder that when one suffers in the body of Christ, all suffer.  This is the example that Jesus gave.  His ministry focused on healing individuals, one at a time.  Jesus never eliminated poverty, disease, or racism; he served the one.Prayer:

Dear God,

We are overwhelmed with the needs of our world.  Help us to focus on the needs of the one.  Work through us to bring Christ's light and healing to those in need. Amen.

Revs Scott Couper and Susan Valiquette

Scott Couper and Susan Valiquette are missionaries serving in South Africa.  Scott  serves with the UCCSA as pastor at a UCCSA congregation in Durban.  Susan serves with the Inanda Seminary in KwaZuluNatal, South Africa as chaplain.
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