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Starting Over

Written by Jim & Jayanthi Wilson
March 28, 2006

Jim & Jayanthi Wilson - Botswana

It is never easy to begin something anew- a new job, moving to a different location, church, friends and..... That is exactly what happened to us in coming to Botswana on January 21st of this year. All the familiar landmarks, which gave us meaning for 16 years in Lesotho, were gone.

By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called...
And he went out, not knowing where he was going.
-Hebrews 11:8-16

Yes, it’s never easy! But, isn’t it amazing how quickly God opens doors and leads us down new paths; providing a tremendous reservoir of power and strength. Abraham in knowing that he had been called by God, chose to trust in Him. We are called to do the same- to step out in trust and faith.

We are hoping to move into a house in another week. Although we have grown tired of living out of a suitcase since our arrival here, we have treasured the time we have spent ata Mennonite guesthouse and the committed people whom we have met here.

Jayanthi has begun work at Sedibeng (a Christian job training center for youth and women). Among the many skills being offered include food catering, sewing and auto mechanics. Many who come to the centre bring with them a multitude of problems from which they attempt to overcome- poor educational opportunities, financial hardships, family problems and…..Each morning, the staff and students begin the day with a time of devotion (including the reading of scripture, testimony, prayer, dancing and singing praises to God).

In terms of my work at Kgolagano Theological College by Extension, it has been a busy one. With students enrolled from all over the country, we are called to be available to them through seminars, correspondence, drop-in visits and…I’ve been assigned to teach New and Old Testament.

I’ve already attended a regional seminar where approximately 80 of our 220 students were present. It was a wonderful time of lectures, common meals, worship, sports and fellowship. One of the big challenges facing the institution relates to the fact that we currently have 9 individuals from the nation’s prisons taking courses through the college and another 11 prisoners who would like to enroll in a program but who don’t have the finances to do so. We have been told by prison authorities that these students have been a real Christian witness inside the institutions. I’ve also had opportunities for preaching- most recent being at Broadhurst United Congregational Church today. It was abeautiful service.

Please keep us in your prayers as we attempt to learn Setswana (the national language of Botswana); to be good listeners and ready to learn from others. Although we don’t have a telephone or regular access to e-mail, that should change once we are settled in our new home. Nonetheless, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the following addresses:

Jim and Jayanthi Wilson
James & Jayanthi Wilson are missionaries with the Kgolagano Theological College in Gaborone, Botswana. Jim serves as a teacher of theology at Kgolagana Theological College. Jayanthi serves as seconded staff to the Mabogo Dinku Advice Centre in Gaborone, Botswana. She works in community development at the Mabogo Dinku Advice Centre.

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