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Supply verses Demand

Written by Scott Couper & Susan Valiquette
November 2, 2005

'Supply' verses 'demand': a dilemma facing the kwaZulu-Natal Region of the UCCSA.  Here, too many churches lack the resources to support full-time ministerial leadership and the 'demand' for ministers is low despite a high demand for Christ's word.  As a consequence, ministerial leadership is in short 'supply.'  In response to this dilemma, the Regional leadership has initiated an ambitious program to make every church viable and for every church to be served. For almost ten years, Bethel Congregational Church has been unable to support and thus call a minister.  The UCCSA prays that by 'supplying' me to Bethel, the faith community will in time strengthen and grow and thus support its own minister.  With my assistance, evangelism and outreach can now be initiated and the future of the church assured.  Bethel seeks to be relevant to the needs of the community, both in worship and service.  I thank God for this faith community and its willingness to look ahead.  I pray I am worthy to serve such beautiful, strong, and faithful people.


Gracious God, inspire the Bethel Congregational Church to be bold and relevant.  Through Bethel's ministry, enable Jesus Christ and His love to be visible to the community.  Keep us intimate, but not parochial.  Let us serve locally, but concerned globally.  Let us serve humbly, but proclaim boldly.  Provide us all that is needed to grow and serve your people.  Amen.

Revs Scott Couper and Susan Valiquette

Scott Couper and Susan Valiquette are missionaries serving in South Africa.  Scott  serves with the UCCSA as pastor at a UCCSA congregation in Durban.  Susan serves with the Inanda Seminary in KwaZuluNatal, South Africa as chaplain.
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