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The Gift of Everlasting Life

Written by Terry and Diana Hutter
April 9, 2014

Greetings from the beautiful kingdom of Swaziland!  As we travel through Lent and approach the Holy Easter Season, we are grateful beyond words for the gift we could never deserve, that gift of everlasting life thanks to the sacrifice of a loving God!  Recently the Kukany’Okusha Zion Church here in Swaziland hosted a team of four folks from the U.S. This created a lot of joy and a Grand Opening Ceremony for the farm at Mgungundlovu was organized. That day, there were government officials, traditional dancers, speeches, and of course food and fellowship.

The visiting team was led by Janice Wilson, who has organized several previous visits to Swaziland.  The four team members brought with them gifts from several churches including knitted dolls and prayer shawls, although for the children these made lovely small blankets for the cool mornings and evenings.  During their short stay, they stayed very busy visiting the seven rural Neighborhood Care Points (NCPs) that provide food and preschool lessons for many orphans and vulnerable children.  At each feeding station they were greeted with smiling faces and some songs. Janice’s sister made adorable bracelets, which were also shared with many here. The team also brought donated funds for gardening tools and various kitchen items needed by the GoGos (grannies) who grow vegetables to feed the orphaned children and who cook for the children one hot meal seven days a week. Other needs like uniforms and school fees for several children who want to attend primary classes but had no funds were also provided by the visitors.

Global Ministries sends funds for the NCPs hot meals all year long. In addition, they recently provided funds for planting fruit trees and vegetables at Mgungundlovu, as this NCP is attempting to become self- sufficient. A local chief granted this NCP a large piece of land, so they are working hard to utilize this gift. We even helped do some of the clearing in preparation for plowing and planting. We join the Swazis here in thanking God during this Easter season for the gift of Christ and of friendship between so many in Swaziland and the United States.

Sending blessings,

Terry and Diana Hutter serve as Long-term Volunteers with the Khukhan’Okusha Zion Church in Swaziland. They serve as coordinators of the development programs.

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