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Welcoming the Foreigner

Written by Susan Valiquette - South Africa
March 31, 2008


Susan Valiquette - South Africa

Inanda Seminary's has become a home for a refugee family.  Through a local contact, the Principal was asked to consider hiring a math teacher from Zimbabwe.

ImageThe teacher was seeking political asylum in South Africa after the brutal murder of her husband in front of their two sons.  He was a leader in the opposition party and was obviously a threat to the tyranny of President Mugabe and his cronies.  The teacher left her country, her home, her job, her car, all her possessions, and her family behind to start from scratch in South Africa. 

Besides her sons, she has two girls.  The children range in age from 15-7 years.  Once her position at Inanda Seminary was secure, she collected her four children from Zimbabwe, which proved to be extremely difficult, and brought them to their new home, Inanda Seminary. 

When a foreigner lives with you in your land...treat the foreigner the same as the native.  Love him like one of your own.  Leviticus 19: 33-34

Through the support of Global Ministries and other kind-hearted staff members, we were able to assist this Zimbabwe family with school uniforms and school supplies and other household essentials. 

Rev. Susan Valiquette
Inanda Seminary, Mission High School for Black African Girls
A church school of the UCCSA Durban, South Africa
Reverend Susan M Valiquette, GM missionary

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