Area Resources

Area Resources

  GM and UCCSA History [PDF]
A cursory history of the United Church of Christ and Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) mission in Southern Africa by Reverend Scott Everett Couper

“Bless the Children”

(A look at mission priorities through the eyes of Africa’s children)

AIDS in Africa: Africa’s children and the AIDS pandemic

AIDS Orphans
Gender Issues: Girls and Women

Debt cancellation: The immoral and illegitimate debt of African Nations

How You Can Help “Drop the Debt”
Reflections on Theology and Debt
Africa’s Children Respond to Debt and Poverty
Street Children
Child Sex Workers

Audio AIDS in Africa music CD

The special AIDS in Africa benefit edition music CD is titled “A thousand summers”. It is from composer, conductor and pianist Tim Janis. 100% of the proceeds from the CD sales goes to support CWS HIV/AIDS programs in Africa. It is available from Church World Service at: or call 1-800-297-1516 to order it.

$15 plus $3 shipping and handling.



  Connecting Threads: Beneath African Skies

Words and music tell the stories of our mission work in advocacy, development, health care, and education in this 12-minute video. See determined, dynamic faith in action in the churches of Africa, and learn about specific projects in which U.S. churches can join. FREE. Order by calling 800-537-3394.


Crisis in the Sudan

28-minutes. Discussion with two prominent leaders on the African continent concerning the world’s longest running and most deadly armed conflict. Hosted by Angelique Walker-Smith, Executive Director, Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis. Rev. Cannon Clement Janda, General Secretary, All Africa Conference of Churches. Bishop Garang, Episcopal Diocese of Bor, Sudan. $10 donation for Shipping and Handling

Equipping for Ministry: Theological Education by Extension College

This 30-minute long video is useful for congregations or indivisuals concerned about how lay and clergy are being prepared for ministry in rapidly changing Southern Africa. Hosted by Daniel Hoffman, Executive, Africa Office. Dr. Gert Steyn, Director of TEE College in Southern Africa. Deborah Thompson, Director of Vision builders for the Disciples of Christ. $5 donation for S/H

Ukaama: Churches in Solidarity with Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe

34-minute video exploring the ways in which the Church is assisting the homosexual community in Zimbabwe as it struggles for civil rights in a hostile environment. Also discusses the various challenges that the homosexual community faces as well as the programs and services that GALZ offers its members. Hosted by Daniel Hoffman, Executive, Africa Office. Keith Goddard, Programs Manager, Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ.) Rogers Bande, Secretary, GALZ. $5 donation for S/H

Information packets

Africa’s Debt

This info pack contains pieces published by Jubilee 2000/USA, Africa Policy Information Center, Washington Office on Africa, and Church World Service and Witness. It seeks to explain the problem of debt in layman’s terms while giving suggestions on what congregations can do to bring about change. Available free of charge


Congo Centennial, the Second Fifty Years

In recognition of the celebration of the centennial of the beginning of Disciple missionary work in Congo a book has been written entitled “Congo Centennial, the Second Fifty Years”. This book is a sequel to “Fifty Years in Congo”, written by Herbert Smith and published in 1949 by the United Christian Missionary Society.

After a prelimary chapter giving an overview of the first fifty years, the book describes by decade the events and developments that have occurred in Congo since 1949. A photo and biographical sketch of each missionary, grouped by decade, is followed by text with quotes from missionary letters and World Call articles in addition to the author’s descriptions. The author, Dr. Gene E. Johnson, worked in Congo from 1957 to 1971. Two short visits were made by the author in 1986 and 1989. His membership on the board of directors of the Division of Overseas Ministries for six years kept him in close contact with the activities of the mission work.

This book is a valuable resource for information about the most successful work done overseas by Disciples in terms of resulting church membership. The book can be obtained from the author: Dr. Gene E. Johnson, 255 S. Soangetaha Rd. #2, Galesburg, IL 61401, or from the publisher: First Christian Church, Broad and North, Galesburg, IL 61401. The price of $15 includes handling and mailing.