Dansalan College Foundation Announces the Camp Development Project

Dansalan College Foundation, Inc
Iligan Branch

Dansalan College Foundation (DCFI) is the only Christian school right in the heart of Marawi City, part of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). As such, it has 99% Muslim student population. DCFI was terribly affected by the attack on its campus in Mawari City in May 2017. Read the reports here.

In spite of these developments, the school has maintained its high academic standard, and had gained recognition with some of its graduates involved in the governance of the city and province, while other graduates are in important leadership positions in local and provincial level institutions. For example, the present Mayor of the city is an alumnus of DCFI. 

DCFI acquired a property in Iligan and immediately started the establishment of a branch campus there.     


This site is elevated and has a nice view of the mountain  

DCFI began to develop the site by building a fence around it, but it was destroyed with the onslaught of Typhoon Sendong in 2011. After the repair, in 2014 DCFI started the construction of the main building.


The main building surrounded by trees     


The main building in the last phase of construction

The property also offers an ideal place for a camp in the recesses of the mountain side and away from the noise of the city. It can provide a venue where the children, youth, and adults can gather for camps, retreats, fellowship, seminars and workshops. Participants can engage in various other activities such as tree-planting, landscaping, gardening, and sports. 

The mountain area was cleared of coconut stumps, rocks and bushes that could cause accident during camping activities. It was flattened and paved to construct an access road.


Interestingly, Typhoon Sendong brought wild cherries to the locality, which have grown and blossomed. Campers and visitors enjoy the naturally nurtured trees where birds and butterflies abound.  


The structure on the photo above on the right is a deep well, which is approximately 40 feet deep. Unfortunately, this water is not potable.  Another deep well of about 150 -200 feet is being dug to draw potable water. 

In 2015 students came both to help clean the area and have fun.


 DCFI students at the camp site


Part of the first group of campers is above.  The 50 participants - medical doctors, nurses, nutritionists, dieticians, teachers, and other health practitioners - used the facility even if it was not completely finished.  They participated in a training course that advocates an alternative approach to total health management through proper diet, exercise, use of herbs and plants, organic vegetable growing and home gardening, faith deepening activities.dc_14.jpg

Due to the rain, the participants had to pitch their tents in the hallway and in rooms
that are still under construction

The Dansalan College Foundation continues moving forward with the camp project, working on: 

  1.  Installation of a deep well of about 150-200 feet to draw potable water
  2.  Construction of an open structure that will serve as a center for campers
  3. Construction of a meditation center
  4. Developing herbal and vegetable gardens
  5. Setting up sports facilities
  6. Landscaping

Photos from 2016 visit of former missionary Lloyd Van Vactor and members of his family. 

philippines4.jpg  philippines6.jpg 
 philippines7.jpg  philippines8.jpg


Read more about Dansalan College Foundation

Global Ministries awards Dansalan College Foundation an Award of Afrimation at the 2019 Global Ministries International Dinner. 

Global Ministries welcomes gifts to support this project. 

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