Introduction - Jesus Calls Us ... to Pursue What Makes for Peace

July, 2005, marked a first-ever joint pre-assembly event sponsored by Global Ministries and Disciples Peace Fellowship. The event came just ahead of the Portland General Assembly and was inspired by Romans 14:19 ("let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding"). At a time when conflicts are raging around the world, ranging from wars to violence against women and children, Global Ministries and the Disciples Peace Fellowship chose this theme to reflect on and even challenge the church’s role in the pursuit of peace and reconciliation.

We began the event in a spirit of prayer and meditation, remembering Jesus’ good news of peace for everyone. The event was a global experience.

Church leaders engaged directly in peace-making and reconciliation in Africa, South Korea, Israel/Palestine and the United States addressed the question, "What makes for peace in my area of the world?" Michael Kinnamon served as "theologian in residence". He helped set the stage and later drew together insights from the four presentations. DOM President emeritus, Bill Nottingham, introduced the speakers and moderated a panel conversation.

Celebrating our partnership, and grateful for the inspiration of our speakers, we present these papers to you. We anticipate, as you read through each of the presentations, you will seek ways in which you might continue to "pursue what makes for peace".


David Vargas
President, Division of Overseas Ministries andCo-Executive of Global Ministries

Bennie Whitten
Acting Executive Minister, Wider Church Ministries andCo-Executive of Global Ministries

Julia Brown Karimu
Vice President, Division of Overseas Ministries andMission Personnel Executive of Global Ministries

Linda McKiernan-Allen
Co-Moderator, Disciples Peace Fellowship

John Lacey
Co-Moderator, Disciples Peace Fellowship