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Teaching English in the DR Congo? 
As I opened Radical Reconciliation, a book by Allan Boesak and Curtiss Paul DeYoung, it became apparent to me that I owe you fellow travelers more than a casual explanation of how I came to be called to spend three months in DR Congo. So here is a short reflection on the experiences that have led me down this path.
Mama Beyeke – Mother of the Chorous Movement in the Disciples of Christ Community in the Congo 
You may be surprised to learn that the Democratic Republic of the Congo is well-known for its innovation in music throughout the world. It is out of this rich cultural context that Marie Beyeke-Bofii, known to the Disciples of Christ Community and the ecumenical church in the Congo as, “Mama Beyeke” arose to transform the worship experience in the life and witness of congregations throughout the Congo with her melodic voice and artistic leadership.
 Latest News
Dr. Denis Mukwege nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 
Dr. Denis Mukwege, founder of the Panzi Hospital Foundation in eastern DRC, was nominated for the Nobel Prize for his tireless efforts to stem the tide of rape and abuse that has shattered teh lives of an estimated 500,000 women.
Congo-Kinshasa: Violence Against Women and Girls in DRC 
Brutal crimes of violence against women and girls have massively increased and become pervasive in the country. Thousands of women and young girls have suffered due to beating, rape and forced sexual slavery.
Congo-Brazzaville: Human Rights Reports: Republic of the Congo 
The Republic of the Congo is a parliamentary republic in which the constitution vests most of the decision-making authority and political power in the president and his administration. Denis Sassou-N'Guesso was reelected president in 2009 with 78 percent of the vote, but opposition candidates and domestic nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) questioned the validity of this figure.

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