Congo Week 2019

This week, October 13-19, is Breaking the Silence: Congo Week 2019. This week is an annual opportunity to raise awareness about the devastating legacy of conflict in the Congo and mobilize support on behalf of the people of the Congo. We are committed as members of the Body of Christ to break the silence, stop the pillaging, promote justice, defend women and children, protect the environment and support Congo.  In this 2019 Congo Week we are especially aware of the ebola outbreak in Eastern Congo and how that intersects with the conflict. We are grateful for the ongoing work our partner, The Church of Christ in Congo, and the work they are doing to respond to the outbreak of ebola in Beni through trusted church structures.

This Congo Week Resource Guide contains prayers, worship resources, educational materials and opportunities for advocacy that can be utilized in your congregation along with and additional Congo week resources from Global Ministries.


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