DSPR: Graphic Design in Gaza

DSPR: Graphic Design in Gaza

Greetings from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Since 2019, the multimedia and graphic design training for women has been running, which is very popular among the younger women in Gaza. It was launched by DSPR-NECC in 2019. The total beneficiaries since 2019 until Sept. 2021 are 55 female students, 29 out of the total were graduated in January 2021 and the remaining 26 are students and will be graduated in January 2022. 

Jesus’ words “Talitha Kumi – Girls stand up” are written on our hearts and with this training we want to contribute to giving girls the opportunity to stand up in life and to help shape the world as women. Life in the Gaza Strip is characterized by great poverty and no prospective of work or change.  Parallel to their jobs, women often lead families with several children. DSPR-NECC is committed to the empowerment of women and advocates for a pluralistic society. In recent years, Palestinian society has also moved a little in the direction of equality: women now work as judges, doctors or policewomen. There is a political will for women to help shape society by occupying responsible positions. There is a quota for women in the Palestinian Legislative Council, which has been raised from 15 to 23 per cent. The aim is for more Palestinian women to participate in political responsibility.

DSPR NECC’s Centre for Multimedia and Graphic Design in Gaza offers a professional diploma in multimedia and graphic design for female students. Students applying must have the high school diploma and pass the enrolment exam and personal interview. The duration of the course is a full academic year, usually starting in January of each year and ending in January of the following year. There is a computer lab with high quality desktops compatible with Adobe programs and graphic design, as well as numerous colour and laser printers for students to print their designs. The curriculum consists of the following modules: Visual Identity Design, Print Design, Video Editing and Processing, Digital Design, Animated Graphics, UX, UI Design.

Some individuals’ stories follow:


I am Fatma and I am 24 years old. As a married woman, I have two children. Actually, I have a BA in Architectural Engineering and a Diploma in Multimedia. After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, freelancing was one of my main goals that I pursued. I enrolled at DSPR-NECC to gain more knowledge in graphic design and begin my journey into self-employment. This is something I needed after graduating from university.  My experience with the program was great!  The first semester was very helpful because our lecturers asked about each course every week and tried to combine theory and practice. Then the next semester I gained experience in graphic design because I enjoyed the program so much and gained a lot of knowledge about designing programs. The idea of joining the graphic design department has opened up various freelance opportunities for me with many agencies and organizations. I would definitely recommend other students who are looking for a degree program with good job opportunities to join the Graphic Design Department at DSPR-NECC. It was a great experience! I became an aspiring graphic designer. DSPR-NECC was a great experience! Finally, I would thank NECC for the wonderful study and methodological plan that was presented that made us gain experience which enabled us to get job opportunities on the Internet and locally.

See Fatima’s portfolio here.

My name is Iman, I have BA in English literature and BA in biology from Columbia University in the United States of America, and MA in feminist and gender studies from Eastern Michigan University in the United States of America. After I had returned to my homeland, I joined the Graphic and Multimedia Design Department at DSPR-NECC in order to learn the tools needed to create content and design so that I can use them in other areas of my expertise, which include advocating for women›s rights and raising awareness in the fields of education and academia. During my study, I was able to employ my talent and skills in drawing and designing visual identity and logos.  Joining this department was the best choice, as I started receiving work invitations and offers after I had published my work on freelancing websites and linked in. During the first semester, I was requested to design several logos, including a logo for an organization in the Gaza Strip, two logos and a visual identity for two companies in the United States of America, in addition to designing logo for a client in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And I was top rated. Actually, I got many jobs offers in many countries including USA and  KSA. After my success in designing a logo for the manager of Blue Moon Design Services in Saudi Arabia, I was also offered a job for the company as a graphic designer with a Freelancer contract a few months ago. 

In addition to the previously mentioned opportunities, after learning design programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, I created a page on Instagram where I create digital art by converting my old drawings into social media posts that express issues I care about, and I received several jobs offers on Instagram. I would like to thank DSPR-NECC for all tremendous efforts and for the highly-qualified trainers who provided us with skills that helped us obtaining job opportunities.

See Iman’s portfolio here.

I am Laila, an artist and I studied English language literature in 2018. After I had graduated from university, I started looking for a place where I can practice my hobby. Although I has majored in English language, but I wasn’t interested in this major. I like art so much and it’s my passion, so after I had got the right chance to start my journey in this field, I seized it. Once I saw an advertisement for joining graphic design diploma at DSPR NECC on Facebook, I decided to join it. After I had applied for the diploma, I did an exam and had an interview. I felt so much thrilled and happy when I received a call that informed me that I was accepted in the diploma. 

Laila  devotes herself to her graphic design studies with great enthusiasm as well as a good portion of curiosity. Her studies give her the opportunity to delve deeply into the various sub-fields of design and explore them.

After an intensive training in graphic design field which included various programs such as Adobe, I gained a great experience in graphic design. I was lucky when I decided to join DSPR-NECC that provides specialized training in multimedia and graphic design and a great and encouraging environment where teachers and trainers provide you with support and basic and advanced skills and experiences. 

I can tell that joining multimedia and graphic design department at DSPR-NECC was the best decision in my life, as I started working in this field with many companies. Also, I started having a good source of income not only for being employed by companies, but also for working as a freelancer on freelancing websites and social media platforms. Finally, I would like to thank DSPR NECC for the great experience that I ever had in my life.

See Leila’s portfolio here.