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CCTC Celebrates Centennial

Written by Tod & Ana Gobledale
October 25, 2006

Tod & Ana Gobledale – Australia

What does it mean to be a Christian in a secular society like Australia? Where can one wrestle with issues of injustices toward Aboriginal people, rapid growth as a multi-cultural and diverse society? Where can one participate in inter-faith dialog events, multi-lingual preaching classes, and a bi-annual trip to Palestine to learn first-hand? All of these things are happening at Churches of Christ Theological College in Melbourne, Australia, which celebrates its centenary next year 2007. David Vargas, Charles & Wendy Bayer, and Bill Tabbernee will represent Global Ministries and the Disciples of Christ at the celebrations throughout the year.

"You don’t come to CCTC to prepare for conquest; you come to CCTC to learn to embrace."   - Merrill Kitchen, College Principal.

ImageOne way to get a picture of this institution and its impact on people's faith and life is to ask the students what they think. During a recent college community worship service, CCTC students and faculty were invited to write down something they had learned or gained during their studies at CCTC. These are some of the responses:

  • Direction
  • Instilling confidence
  • The amazing resilience of humans who experience adversity
  • Care of fellow ministers in a collaborative environment
  • More of the importance of friendship
  • I’m grateful for the little extra patience that I’ve learned this year
  • The importance of sharing our ministry with a peer or a mentor in a reflecting setting
  • More appreciation for God’s creation
  • How little we know of the inscrutable wisdom of God

An exciting student-initiated program, Faith Wrestling Federation (FWF), provides a place and space for students to have the opportunity to “voice their half-baked ideas and musings and listen to others whilst being in a non- expert lead environment.”

ImageCCTC is a dynamic faithful learning community, and we are honored to be a part of it.

Ana & Tod

Tod and Ana Gobledale, Global Ministries missionaries, serve at CCTC as chaplains and lecturers.

The Gobledales serve the Common Global Ministries Board at Churches of Christ Theological College (Seminary) in Australia. Currently, their son, Mandla, attends Occidental College in Los Angeles, and their daughter, Thandiwe, has begun a 2-year appointment with Global Ministries at the Family Village Farm near Vellore, India.

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