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Definition of Accompaniment

June 1, 2011

One of Global Ministries’ main objectives is to be a critical presence throughout the world. An effective way of accomplishing this is through the practice of accompaniment. The term accompaniment comes from the word accompany. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines accompany as to go with (someone) as a companion or escort.

This definition offers new life to accompaniment and the work I seek to perform here in Fiji. To be a companion can signify friendship. There is no better companion or escort than a friend. Although the task here in Fiji is environmental justice as it relates to global warming and nuclear testing, I am more conscience of being a companion with my partner organization (The Pacific Conference of Churches). 

Let us be more cognizant of the importance of accompaniment. We are all on a journey that brings us into contact with various people. Yes, we have tasks before us. Yes, we have goals to reach. Yes, we have deadlines to meet. Yes, we have jobs to carry out. But, when we have completed the assignment, let us not reflect and remember nothing more than the work itself. Let us not be able to only recall the budgets and the meetings and the emails. When we have done our jobs and done them well, let us remember the friends we made along the way. Let us be able to recall the lasting relationships. Let us be able to reflect upon the lives we impacted while we performed our day-to-day duties. And, let us do this because we know that life is about much more than completing chores. Ultimately, let us be companions to all those we encounter as we strive to emulate Jesus the Christ who is the embodiment of accompaniment. Amen. 

Aaron Wiggins 

Aaron Wiggins serves with the Pacific Christian Council located in Suva, Fiji.  Aaron will serve as a program associate working with advocacy and justice issues related to global warming, nuclear testing, etc.


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