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Prayer of Intercession October 28

November 8, 2007

Bruce Van Voorhis - Hong Kong

We pray this morning, Lord, for the world's leaders. We especially pray for those who are corrupt, consumed by greed and who lust for power, those leaders who seek to serve themselves instead of their people. We pray that they will come to be touched by your love, your compassion, your justice-a transformation that will lead to new policies.

We particularly remember this morning, Lord, the victims and their families of the recent bombings at the shopping mall in the Philippines and the political rally in Pakistan. We lift up to you too the people of Burma whose recent struggles for freedom from oppression, poverty and hunger have been crushed for the moment. We continue to remember as well the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and their daily encounters with death and destruction. May these peoples soon be liberated, Lord, from the violence that surrounds them, may the inhumanity of the past and present be soon replaced with respect for life, a reverence for peace and an awe for justice.

We give thanks today, Lord, for the abundance of food, resources and wealth with which you have blessed our world. We ask why though are so many people hungry and poor in the midst of such wealth? We thus pray for your wisdom to guide us to more equally distribute what you have provided for us. Teach us again, Lord, the joy of sharing and how it creates and nurtures relationships and gives meaning to life.

We thank you too, Lord, for the magnificent beauty of the Garden you have given us to till and enjoy. We confess though that in developing the world we are destroying it. We pray not just for technological solutions to address the air and water pollution and global warming that are afflicting our planet, but we also pray for the time to stop and reflect on our values and what is precious to us.

With others around the world, we pray for our sisters and brothers in the Indian Ocean nations of Madagascar, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Comoros and Maldives as they face similar political, economic and environmental issues as well as others. We remember with particular concern the people of the Maldives as they wrestle with the aftermath of the recent bomb attack and pray for the tourists who were injured and their families.

Many of these problems, Lord, are not out there somewhere but are here too in Hong Kong. We thus lift up today the poor in our midst, especially those whose hardships have become greater with the large increase in food prices in the past few months. We also remember the elderly members in our society who do not receive the respect and support they need and deserve. We also pray for the passage of a minimum wage so that Hong Kong's wealth can be more equally shared. We ask that candidates in next month's district council election will hear their voices and respond to their needs, that successful candidates will seek to serve the people and not merely score points on an imaginary political scoreboard.

Lastly, we pray for our church community at KUC. We ask, Lord, that you be with our church family and guide us as we deliberate next month on our budget for next year and as we begin to think about our mission and other plans for 2008.

Let us now take a moment of silence to share our joys and anxieties with our Creator (silence). Amen.

Bruce Van Voorhis serves as missionary with the Asian Human Rights Commission located in Hong KongHe serves as a writer and editor with the Commission.

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