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Water of Life

March 28, 2006

Doug & Liz Searles - China

On 13 November 2005, an explosion happened at the PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Company in China's northeastern city of Haerbin, causing heavy pollution to the city's main water-supplying river.

To ensure the safety of its citizens, the Haerbin city government stopped using water from Songhua River, thus leaving the city without water supply for four days. More than 200,000 Christians from over 400 churches and meeting points struggled alongside their fellow citizens to brave the difficulties caused by the water shortage. Several believers sent water and other supplies to their local churches, while others took care of the elderly in their homes, thus giving witness to their faith.

Liz Searles
Doug and Elizabeth Searles work with the Sichuan TV and Radio University in Chengdu, China. They both serve as English teachers.

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