Resources from East Asia and the Pacific

Resources from East Asia and the PacificThe East Asia and The Pacific Office produces several free brochures which give a basic overview of the work of Global Ministries in specific countries. At this time brochures are available for China, Taiwan and the East Asia and The Pacific region. To order copies of these informative and attractive brochures please contact the Global Ministries’ Resources or contact the East Asia and The Pacific staff.

  Connecting Threads: Mountains in the Wind
Video is a 20-minute video that gives you a chance to hear from people who live, work, worship, and dream in China and the Marshall Islands. Through their stories, we hear the struggles, accomplishments, and faith-fueled climb of our sisters and brothers in East Asia and the Pacific. $10.00 Order by calling 800-537-3394.

  Courage to Hope: Responding to AIDS in Rural China
Video/DVD helps the viewer see and hear the challenges of living with HIV in a rural village in the Henan Province and learn ways to respond. 10 minutes. $10.00. Order by calling 800-537-3394.

History of Disciples missionaries in Ganzi, Tibet

Dr. Albert R. Shelton was a Disciples medical missionary to Ganzi, China, where he provided medical services to Chinese and Tibetan people. He went to China in 1903 till the time when he was killed in 1922, he, his wife and their two daughters, born in China lived in that very difficult situation. The new book was newly published, Pioneer in Tibet – The life and Perils of Dr. Albert Shelton, written by Douglas A. Wissing.

Today, while CGMB is working on many projects with Tibetan, Yi and Qiang people in Ganzi, we are remembering Dr. Albert R. Shelton, the pioneer in Tibet.