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General Resources

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Global Mission Monthly Postcard Now Available in Spanish
The very popular global mission bulletin inserts are now available in Spanish. Global Ministries would like to invite you to join the list of churches and individuals using these monthly mission bulletin insert stories for Sunday worship, regional and church publications, and websites. If you would like to receive either the Spanish and/or English version, please email

La Tarjeta Postal Mensual de Ministerios Globales esta Ahora Disponible en Español
Las populares adiciones sobre misiones globales para los boletines que muchas iglesias han estado utilizando por años está ahora disponible en español. Ministerios Globales, un testimonio conjunto de la División de Ministerios de Ultramar, Iglesia Cristiana (Discípulos de Cristo) y Ministerios Extendidos de la Iglesia Unida de Cristo le invitan a unirse a la lista de iglesias e individuos quienes utilizan estas historias mensuales como una adición a los boletines de culto de, publicaciones regionales y de iglesias, y los websites. Si desea recibir la versión en español y/o en ingles, favor de escribir a

 Global Ministries News [PDF]
The Water issue of the Global Ministries Newsletter is available on the web.

 Global Ministries Placemat/Map [PDF]
This resource can be used as a table mat during a meal or as a poster and much more! Intergenerational learning activities on the reverse side. Pack of 100. Free.

 Global Ministries Videos
Global Ministries has a variety of videos available for purchase or to borrow. $10 each, $12 for “This Holy Place.” Current videos

  • God’s Surprise: The New Face of Mission
  • Connecting Threads:  Beneath African Skies
  • Connecting Threads:  Lilies Among Thorns (Middle East and Europe)
  • Connecting Threads: Mountains in the Wind (East Asia and the Pacific)
  • Connecting Threads: Against the Current, Toward the Light (Southern Asia)
  • Connecting Threads:  Out of the Shadows, Into the Light (Latin America and the Caribbean)
  • This Holy Place (Palestine/Israel)
  • Courage to Hope (Responding to AIDS in Rural China)

 Be a Global Mission Church Booklet
Offers congregations a process and direction for increasing participation in global mission. (please specify for a UCC or Disciples congregation) 

 Global Volunteers Overseas [PDF]
Learn about short term opportunities to volunteer in overseas ministry. 

 People-to-People [PDF]
Do you want to participate in an overseas group experience? Learn about how your group can work with our global partners. 

 People in Mission [PDF]
Is God calling you into overseas mission? Learn about opportunities for long term, full time missionary service.

Area Brochures
Five area brochures that lift up the ministries in  Africa,  East Asia and the Pacific,  Latin America and the Caribbean,  Middle East and Europe, and  Southern Asia. Order individually or in packet of 5.

Child Sponsorship information booklet [PDF]
Find out which ways you or your congregation can participate in sponsoring a child from one of the Global Ministries partner centers.

Global Ministries Brochure [PDF]
General information about our global ministries in Africa, Southern Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, East Asia and the Pacific, Middle East and Europe. Great resource for church mailings, bulletin inserts, and mission events

Breads Around the World
Six four-page “Breads Around the World” pieces (Africa, Chile, the Caribbean, India, China, and Middle East) are available for use in preparing for World Communion Sunday. They include hunger facts, bread recipes and liturgical resources.

  Breads Around the World: AFRICA
  Breads Around the World: CARIBBEAN
  Breads Around the World: CHILE
  Breads Around the World: CHINA
  Breads Around the World: INDIA
  Breads Around the World: MIDDLE EAST

Global Bookmarks
Great for giveaways. Packet of 50.

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