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Global Ministries Water Projects

While the importance of water seems immediately clear, the value of clean drinking water goes far beyond simply having access to this basic resource.

In villages throughout the world, finding clean drinking water means traveling considerable distances - a daily chore that too often means taking children (especially females) out of school. Once the water is fetched, fuel has to be collected to boil the water, which again reduces educational opportunities and leads to deforestation. If the water isn't properly treated it can lead to severe medical problems which frequently result in dehydration, which is responsible for 10% of the deaths of children under the age of 5.

The following water projects seek to address these issues by providing access to safe clean drinking water. Whether the project is to dig deep wells in areas of drought and pollution, or to protect streams from contamination, these priorities of international partners help to build strong, healthy communities.

You can learn about the importance of water in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through these three Bible Studies from the Congo Initiative here, here, and here

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