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Service opportunities for young adults

The following opportunities are especially directed to young people and sometimes require a certain age minimum.  Opportunities range in category of service, i.e., Global Mission Intern, long-term volunteer, or short-term volunteer.  If you are interested in any of the following positions, please contact Onea Winkle for more information.

Global Mission Intern program (GMI)

This is a program for recent college graduates under 30 years of age who wish to explore a career in mission and ministry. Interns are appointed for one to three years and work with church agencies or ecumenical partners in ministry with the poor, or with Christian action groups dealing with human rights, reconciliation, and development projects. Support will be at a level to meet basic needs as recommended by the host church or organization. Medical insurance and pension fund payments will be provided. As in all Global Ministries programs, candidates of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply. Request a Global Mission Intern PIB.

Summer Internship

DOM/Global Ministries provides two summer internships for Disciples seminarians to have an opportunity to engage with a variety of programs within Global Ministries:  Africa and Latin America partnerships, mission personnel and communications. This program is an on-going response to the current imperatives of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ to help nurture and develop leaders who have a commitment to God’s mission in the world and a passion for justice.

The intern must be a candidate for ordained ministry in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and must have completed 2 years of full-time study.  The Division of Overseas Ministries/Global Ministries will provide each intern with a weekly stipend, and as applicable, round-trip transportation and housing.  In addition, all expenses related to a pilgrimage to visit one of Global Ministries’ overseas partners will be provided. 

Time For God (TFG)

Time for God is a non competitive volunteer placement for young people who have a heart for service and want time for personal spiritual development. Time For God places young people ages 18-25 in churches and Christian based organizations in the United Kingdom. Some types of service opportunities are with youth groups, homeless, or disabled. Long-term volunteer appointments are for 12 months. Application deadlines are in the Spring and Fall for departures to the UK in January and September. Retreats, food, and lodging provided. Limited financial support available. Request a Time for God application and a Volunteer PIB.

Asian Rural Institute (ARI)

Located outside of Tokyo, Japan, ARI is a Christian based training school for rural leaders from Asia and Africa. ARI needs short and long term volunteers to live and work with program participants and help with farm work and school operation. Support is provided according to the length of stay. Request a Volunteer PIB. Teach English as a Second Language

The following English language positions do not require teaching certificates, but may require a college degree, or degree-seeking students. Request a Volunteer PIB.

Church of Christ in Thailand: 1 -2 years
Woodstock School in India: Summer
Amity Teachers in China: Summer or 2 years

The Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue

The Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue FDCD and the Arab Group for Muslim Christian Dialogue are pleased to inform you that our annual International Work and Study Camp entitled “Empowering Youth in Democracy and Peacebuilding: The Role of Dialogue" will take place from July 1st to July 8th 2013, Dhour Chweir- Metn, Lebanon.

This workshop is part of an ongoing program motivated by the conviction that interaction transforms relationships. The overall objective of the camp is to work with youth on the process of Dialogue, mutual understanding and transformation through democracy through workshops, lectures, exercises and field visits. In this way, participants will be exposed to positive alternatives and ways of dealing with problems and rising issues, in a peaceful manner. Hopefully, this experience of dialogue in practice will give participants a starting point of transformed and transforming relations. During the event, FDCD will also organize visits and meetings with religious and community leaders and organizations, as well as entertaining activities such as intercultural evenings and sightseeing trips.

Applications are due by May 25th, 2013.

Attend High School in India

Attend an American college preparatory school with an international group of students for a semester or one school year at Kodaikanal or Woodstock boarding schools in India.

Join Summer Work Camps

Some churches and organizations plan yearly mission trips and may receive individuals through Global Ministries. Groups are always forming Below is a short list of groups that plan work camps every year. Request a Volunteer PIB and a specific group application.

Teens Uniting Globally (TUG) Russia
Ecumenical Work Camp to Russia
Young Adult American/Russian Network (YAARN)

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