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Funding Missionary Appointments

To learn more about mission personnel appointments

Global Ministries partner churches and programs in the 70 countries where Global Ministries works submit requests for persons in mission on a regular basis to fill their special personnel needs – usually a position involving skills or talents that they cannot fill themselves at the present time.  There continues to be a large backlog of requests from partners for missionaries that cannot be fulfilled because of financial limitations.  Global Ministries is striving to meet more of these requests.  To this end, special gifts to Global Ministries designated for the appointment of mission personnel can help.

The average fully-supported missionary appointment costs Global Ministries about $50,000 per year for expenses of salary, benefits, housing, children’s education, and travel.  General gifts to Global Ministries for new missionary appointments or gifts to a specific person in mission serving at the current time are welcome 

If you are interested in learning more about support a missionary, please contact the Global Ministries Resource Development Office at or 317-713-2555.

Current missionary support priorities

Anne Gregory serving with the Church of Christ in Thailand
Kim and Erik Free serving with the United Church of Christ in Mozambique
Paul Turner serving with the Disciples of Christ Community in the Congo

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