Ministries and Mission Interpreters

Ministries and Mission Interpreters

What is a Ministries and Mission Interpreter?

MMI, the Ministries and Mission Interpreters, are individuals passionate about mission and trained to convey the stories of mission and educate people in local churches about the work of mission around the world.  MMIs represent their region (Disciples), conference (UCC) or constituency group. Currently there are fully trained and equipped MMIs actively interpreting in about two-thirds of our Conferences and Regions across the country.

The interpreters are the extended staff of Global Ministries, joining our partners in the US and across the world. The purpose is to create a ripple effect of raising awareness and passion for mission in the local church by training others to tell the stories and use our resources. The MMI group remains closely networked to each other through listserves, mailings, and regular communiques. They are available to speak, present workshops, arrange for missionary visits, provide displays and encourage ideas for mission events.

Online Training

MMI Training Handbook

Interpretation and Presentation Helpers

Missionworks/MMI Resources
Mission Activities for Churches
Resources and Activities for Youth
On One Hand…
On one hand there are five fingers. Here are five ways to remember Global Ministries’ mission work around the world
Chronos and Kairos
MMI Don Stoebner in South Dakota shares this wonderful presentation idea. 
Invocation for a meeting
This prayer, by staff member Derek Duncan, is a wonderful resource to use in the opening of a church meeting.
Be a Global Mission Church Power Point Presentation
If you cannot download this document (over 7mb), please email, to request a CD copy
Embodied prayer By Rev. Delle McCormick

Resources on Mission

Be a Global Mission Church
Global Advocacy and Education
Child Sponsorship
Global Partnerships
People to People Pilgrimages Group Mission Trips
Missionary Relationships
About Global Ministries History, chronology, guiding principles
That All May Be One… so the World May Believe 
Study of the theology of mission
200 Years of Mission: The Haystack Prayer Meeting 
Resources for celebrating the Haystack Anniversary, including worship resources, history, education, events, Bible study, and more! 
God’s Call to Mission: Bible Study 
Perfect for adult study, this study relates the history of mission to what mission means today. 
Water for all!
Global Ministries Critical Water campaign includes facts, stories, projects, activities, worship and more
The challenge of mission action
Presented by Rev. David A. Vargas, Co-Executive, Global Ministries and President, Division of Overseas Ministries Saturday, February 26, 2005 for the Ministries and Mission Interpreters Event, Cleveland, OH
A Biblical and Theological Foundation for Understanding Mission Today

Ideas for MMI

Penn Southeast Conference Mission Interpreters website

Worship Resources

Worship Resources page
World AIDS Day
World Communion Sunday