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Global Ministries projects supporting Education

In the Dominican Republic, homework is a rare privilege.

When tourists in Boca Chica stopped leaving the walled compounds of their all-inclusive resorts, the local economy that had sprung up around the hotels crumbled. Families that invested all that they had into their business suddenly found themselves without customers. It was a desperate time for many. Then the hurricanes came and the price of food climbed even higher. Families found themselves spending more on housing, food, and other necessities -- and children were taken out of the classroom to try and earn a living. For many children this meant working long hours in hazardous conditions.

That is when local groups such as Caminante, a Global Ministries partner, stepped in to demand a better future for these endangered children. With a holistic approach that includes homework help, counseling, and advocating for the rights of children in the Dominican Republic they created a safe environment where children can thrive once again.

For many families a choice has to be made between sending their child to school, or sending their child to work. Unfortunately, this decision is not made by the parents, but by their circumstances – often poverty robs parents of the opportunity to give their child a better future because of immediate demands on their limited resources.

Global Ministries works with partners that provide practical educations that families can afford that restore many of the opportunities that poverty has taken away.

Learn more about the many ministries Global Ministries partners operate that empower people of all ages through learning.


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