Resources from the Middle East and Europe Office

Resources from the Middle East and Europe Office

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Much has been written about the Middle East and Europe.  The links below provide some recommended reading on the topics indicated, hoping that you will find the annotated reading lists helpful and useful. Comments, and your suggestions for reading, are welcome.  Please send them by e-mail to Global Ministries, at the e-mail address listed at the bottom of this page.

  Mission History and Partners
  The Middle East, the United States, and Europe
  Lebanon, Syria and Jordan
  Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, and the Armenians
  Iraq and Iran
  Interfaith Relations and Islam

 Connecting Threads: Lilies Among Thorns Video
Watch, listen and study as partners and missionaries in the Middle East and Europe share the richness of their work. You will see people and images that challenge common assumptions and inspire hope amid many challenges - lilies among thorns. FREE. Order by calling 800-537-3394.

This Holy Place
Explore the issues of peace and justice at stake in the Middle East conflict. For both youth and adult audiences. Study guide included. 16 minutes. Order by calling 800-537-3394.

 Advocacy Resources

 Teaching About Religion: A Resource on the World's Major Religions
 The Code of Fair Practices for Journalists in the Middle East
 What is Islam? by Derek Duncan
 Website Challenging Christian Zionism
 "Christian Zionism: A Faithful Response"-A UCC Resource
 National Council of Churches Christian Zionism releases brochure (English and Spanish available)
 International Middle East Media Center
 U.S. policy and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Where are we and how did we get here? by Walter Owensby
 Toward an Understanding of the Conflict Between Israelis and Palestinians (PCUSA)
 A Media Style Sheet on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, by J. Martin Bailey.
 Israel-Palestine Resources from ELCA
 USIP Report: "The Diversity of Muslims in the United States"  March 9, 2006
 Why another war? a backgrounder on the Iraq crisis  February 7, 2003
EAPPI Fact Sheets on Israel-Palestine
Framing I[F]R: International and Interfaith Relations
Come and See!  Alternative Tourism Resource now available