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Be transformed and Give of your gifts! - Romans 12:1-8

February 15, 2011

Yunior is a 12 year old boy that works in the tourist town of Boca Chica where he shines shoes. In this tourist town he is surrounded by commercial sexual exploitation, HIV/AIDS, poverty, abuse, drugs, promiscuity, a corrupt judicial system, and the wealthy tourists. His mother is occupied with caring for his siblings and unable to work. His step-father works as a motorcycle taxi but struggles to provide a steady income. With the money he makes his 5 younger siblings and him are able to eat.

He was born in Haiti and immigrated with his family to the Dominican Republic in search of a better life. They found Caminante and with their support have been able to go to school, play on a baseball team and benefit from their prevention programs. After the earthquake in Haiti everyone in the DR was worried for their neighbors in Haiti, known and unknown. The schools collected donations of canned food to send to the other side of the island. Although Yunior often would come to Caminante in search of something to eat, the week after the earthquake he came in hungry but instead of asking for food, told us that he had bought and taken canned food in to school to send to those in greater need on the other side of the island in Haiti. We were transformed as we heard his words. Just as he had been given money that day he was willing to give what he had to others in need.

God help us to be transformed and renewed by your spirit so that we may each give of ourselves from the grace that has been given to us. We are each different parts in the body with unique talents. Guide us to use our different gifts and be “living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God” that we may be made whole in the body of Christ. Amen

Erin McKinney, A member of Hiram Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Hiram, Ohio, served Caminante in Boca Chica. She worked with children in Caminante’s Outreach Ministry.

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