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Food for Hope

October 27, 2005

Rev. Sandra Gourdet
Global Ministries’ missionary serving in Haiti.

READ: John   6:1-15

The name “Andrew” was intentionally chosen for the Theological Seminary under the auspices of the National Spiritual Council of Haitian churches to emphasize its mission of uncovering and nurturing the gifts brought by pastors and students.  The miracle of Andrew Seminary has been in planting seeds in the minds of a few pastors who in turn have contributed to the transformation of the lives of thousands.  As minds become aware of the possibilities for a better life here on this earth through education, the despair and poverty are transformed to hope and prosperity.  Andrew played no small role in the miracle of feeding the five thousand.   Andrew Theological Seminary stands as a living symbol of how the five thousand can still be fed today.

God, grant that those who minister in Haiti find ways to feed the minds of pastors and leaders so that they may feed the thousands in their care with direction, guidance and hope. Amen.

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