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Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti

Founded by Larry and Gwenn Mellon in 1956, Albert Schweitzer Hospital is located in Deschapelles Haiti, about 35 miles to the north of Port-au-Prince.  The Mellons founded the hospital on the term “Reverence For Life” and were influenced by the humanitarians work and efforts of Albert Schweitzer.  Albert Schweitzer Hospital, HAS, provides high quality healthcare to those who otherwise could not afford it.  HAS also recognizes that the economic health of Haiti depends on the physical health of its people.

Since 1956, Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti (HAS) has provided healthcare to the medically underserved population of the Lower Artibonite Valley in central Haiti—healthcare that, in many cases, would otherwise be unavailable. HAS’s commitment to providing high quality healthcare to those who are most in need is based not on the principles of humanitarian aid, but on essential human rights. With a team of doctors, nurses, and community health workers, HAS delivers 24/7 healthcare services, as well as community-based programs that help address the root causes of some of the country’s most challenging health issues. HAS provides care for maternal and pediatric health, malnutrition, infectious disease, emergency and trauma, community health and screening, and is still greatly impacted by the devastating events of the Haitian Earthquake in 2010. HAS also provides surgical services, internal medicine, diagnostic services, and rehabilitation.

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