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Christian Center Integral Development (Sant Kretyen pou Devlopman Entegre (SKDE))

The Christian Center for Integral Development oversees community development through the Haitian churches.  Herode Guillomettre is currently the director of the Haiti’s Protestant Liaison of Churches and one of the directors of the Christian Center for Integral Development (CCID/SKDE).  SKED has developed cooperative, community banks and micro-credit for small business loans, community and transformational development, food security and leadership training, adult education and literacy. After the earthquake of 2010, SKED helps support the relief effort.  One way they do this is in overseeing education of children from tent cities and small business development in the very poor rural areas.  The center is in the process of developing transitional villages where they will build and repair houses for the victims, build a community vocational training center, build a medical clinic, and build a school. They also are helping people in areas of potable water and clean drinking water.

The overall goal of the churches and the center is to plant churches, promote leadership development and to develop self-sustaining communities.

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