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Comision Cristiana de Desarrollo (CCD)

The Christian Commission for Development was founded in 1982 by a group of Christians working with refugees from El Salvador who fled persecution in their country to Honduras, settling in refugee camps along the Honduras/El Salvador border.  From that initial work of human rights, service and pastoral compassion, CCD’s ministry expanded into neglected areas of Honduras. CCD also expanded its ministries in the capital city, Tegucigalpa, where CCD’s headquarters is located. CCD’s work involves border areas and populations with the Central American countries of El Salvador and Guatemala.  These are areas of immense ecological and ethnic diversity, areas to be protected in order for traditional “development” to respect this diversity.  With the area near and in El Salvador, CCD is working with local communities around issues of natural resources such as land and water, and around infrastructure and services such as roads and health services, to link peoples from the two countries who sometimes are from the same families, but separated by the border.  In the border area Honduras-Guatemala, CCD concentrates its efforts with trans-border Indian communities, exploring options for mutual support and work together.


An additional area of CCD’s work involves theological education.  CCD works closely with the branch of the Biblical University of Costa Rica, which has an extension program in Honduras.

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