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Consejo Ecumenico Cristiano de Guatemala

Our Vision

The Ecumenical Council, established as a space and an ecumenical instrument for reflection, action and projection of the historic churches of Guatemala oriented impact on national life, from the perspective of Christian values​​, the common good and the promotion better living conditions for the Guatemalan people.

Our Mission

Strengthen, expand and consolidate the ecumenical space between the historic churches of Guatemala, based on respect, dialogue, tolerance and commitment to contribute to the building of peace, reconciliation and democracy amidst the concrete situations living in Guatemala and the world today, from the values ​​and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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People in Mission

Vicente Canú, Gloria
Gloria Vicente Canú is serving a three-year term with the Ecumenical Christian Council of Guatemala (Consejo Ecuménico Cristiano de Guatemala – CECG), as a consultant for communication, interpretation and women's projects.
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