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Hospice St. Joseph

Hospice St. Joseph is located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  They are a community committed to working with the people of Haiti to help them help themselves and others in the pursuit of a better life. They provide health care, and they provide rooms for travelers from other medical practices and for patients who have traveled for their healthcare from beyond Port-au-Prince.  The clinic also focuses on maternal and pediatric care and is facilitated by Medicines for Humanity.  Hospice St. Joseph also provides scholarships to local elementary schools and high schools based on need and not on religious affiliation. 

Hospice St. Joseph was founded by the Diocese of Norwich.  Haitian Ministries and Hospice St. Joseph have joined together in order to consolidate the efforts for more impact after the hurricane of 2010.  They will unite their services over one roof.  Both of these services will be housed in a new Mission House that currently houses Hospice St. Joseph. 


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