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Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal de Cuba (ICPC)

The Christian Pentecostal Church of Cuba (ICPC) is a church that started organically in 1956 by Puerto Rican missionaries. After the revolution, its founder left Cuba and the church reorganized under Cuban leadership. The ICPC leader in 1975 attended the World Council of Churches and formed friendships with Disciples from Canada and the U.S and the relationship between Canadian and US Disciples has continued to be even through the political challenges.  The church is presided over by Rev. Elisero Navarro. The ICPC is driven by the spirit of evangelism in the changing religious climate of Cuba, they work to provide the tools for leadership and education in the forming churches in Cuba, and are in the process looking at how to structure the Cuban Church’s polity. 

The Christian Pentecostal Church of Cuba is a member of the Cuban Council of Churches (CIC), the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI), and the Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC). It is a long-standing partner of Global Ministries and has been an important window into Cuban society for U.S. and Canadian Christians.  The pastors of the ICPC crave training and education, and the Canadian and U.S. disciples help to provide support for that Education and training.  Global Ministries seeks special support for projects with the ICPC such as a retirement fund for its growing number of retired pastors; improvement of church facilities; and the development of a campground in Las Tunas where the church owns a parcel of land.  All participants thrive in this partnership.

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