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Iglesia Evangelica Presbiteriana Costarricense (IEPC)

Iglesia Evangelica Presbiteriana Costarricense (IEPC) was formed in 1985 as the Fraternity of Evangelical Costa Rican Churches. Its original constituent members were five churches in metropolitan San José that separated from the Association of Biblical Churches in Costa Rica (AIBC). The denomination had 1000 members, 12 congregations and three house fellowships in 2004. Now, the denomination includes 24 worship communities. Iglesia Evangelica Presbiteriana Costarricense adopted its current name in 2005.

Their mission states that they are a community of God that lives and proclaims the Christian faith and the holistic transformation of society so that all may have a life of peace and fullness.  They have twenty-four worshipping communities throughout Costa Rica. Most are in modest communities where they minister to mind, body, and spirit. The churches of the IEPC minister in their communities in a variety of ways, including offering feeding programs for children, job training for youth and women, and musical instruction. Along with inviting people to know Christ and become part of the worshiping community, these ministries and others share the fullness of the good news of Jesus Christ.

At the denominational level, the IEPC supports theological education for its leaders and pastors, youth ministry, and women’s ministry, as well as promoting international partnerships with churches from the United States and Canada.

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