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Iglesia Morava

Iglesia Morava is a group fraternity of Nicaragua. The objective of their work is the fraternal exchange between organizations.  They understand their role as perceiving the tasks that other partners worry about fulfilling, and spiritually taking the concerns of the other and forwarding the knowledge about the people and their habits of life and its conditions on both sides.

Iglesia Morava wants to deepen the fraternal relations, learn from one another, and expand their horizons to better understand global contexts.  In addition, the Moravians of Germany, whose relations were disrupted since the First World War, already have a growing interest in reviving the relations with Nicaragua. That is why they decided that they are going to coordinate their initiative with the German Moravian. It is thought to form on both sides groups by people interested in the brotherhood. For this, they want to clarify, appoint and communicate the expectations of each one.

They want their movement to grow indigenously and help the government to see the importance of self-help.

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