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National Coordination of Widows of Guatemala

CONAVIGUA was founded in 1988 as a response to the suffering of women in rural areas amid the internal armed conflict of Guatemala.  The widows of CONAVIGUA were women whose husbands, sons, and daughters had been either killed or had disappeared during Guatemala’s civil war. Due to all the atrocities created by the civil war, indigenous widows formed CONAVIGUA to help meet each other’s basic and urgent needs.  CONAVIGUA also became dedicated to fight for respect and dignity towards the women of the rural areas that suffered from the conflict.  The promotion of human rights, women’s rights, children, and adolescents’ rights and the rights of the indigenous population have also been a point of interest for CONAVIGUA.  Since 1988 CONAVIGUA has contributed to the development of damaged towns and has been participating in politics on local, municipal, national, and international levels.  CONAVIGUA also contributes to the psychological rehabilitation of families through home visits, retreats, meetings, and intergroup encounters between communities, where families can share their experiences and can learn about other experiences of other communities that also were affected by the civil war in the country.

            One of the goals of CONAVIGUA is to work to bring dignity to the victims of the arms struggle.  CONAVIGUA has created the program entitled Dignity for the Victims of the Internal Armed Conflict.

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