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Primera Escuela Paraguaya de Sordos

Primera Escuela Paraguaya de Sordos, First Paraguayan School for the deaf, is based in Asuncion, Paraguay. The school offers general education for persons suffering hearing impairment, and also serves as a training center for teachers, in coordination with a local university.

The Primera Escuela Paraguaya de Sordos was established in Asunción in 1962 by Global Ministries, based in Indiana (USA). As of 2007, more than one hundred students were attending this school, there were thirty-five staff members, and the MEC was helping by providing a free snack for the students (making it now a combined private and public school). It also offers hearing, speech, and psychological services to the community at a low cost. The school is also in the process of to establishing additional deaf schools in other cities. This school has a special literacy program for the further education of older deaf students and offers secondary school opportunities as well.

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